Let’s Co-create a Treatment Plan to Honor Your Inner Space

What Can You Expect?

“Pamela is a very good massage therapist and wellness counselor. She focuses her energies on the whole person and is able to effective alleviate tension and stress and restore a sense of calmness and revitalization.  Highly recommend her for total mind, body and spirit."                                          ~M. Kaplan

The Forgiveness Massage®

One Hundred Minutes Devoted to Gracefully Purging Past Hurts, Resentment, Grief, & Trauma in the Comfort of a Warm Cocoon, Ensconced in a Palo Santo Infused (optional) Healing Haven

deep tissue massage, energy medicine, acupressure point work, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, light therapy, scalp massage, foot massage, aromatherapy or premium CBD oil

“The Forgiveness Massage®” Review

My “Forgiveness Massage” experience was quite empowering and relaxing as well. I left more balanced, grounded but in the same time with a light and warm feeling like some kinda weighs that i was carrying were dropped. Pamela’s presence and energy is very open and reassuring and you would know right away that you’re in the right place at the right moment. Her touch is gentle yet firm and she works intuitively with energy’s flow, transcendental helpers, massage and acupressure techniques, customizing the whole session for your personal needs.  I highly recommend the “Forgiveness Massage” or the other therapies that she provides.               With gratitude, Geanina Leach

Me & My Drum

In 2010, the year after my mother transitioned, my godmother and I planned a road trip from Albuquerque to Sedona.  After returning to Albuquerque, we attended a Pow Wow, where members of the Cochita Pueblo were displaying their drums.  I was lead to purchase this work of art, because it was a dream of mine to host healing circles in my home.  Here I am, in my splendor outside the home of “4th Generation Cochita Drum Makers,” framed in white elk horns.  To learn more about the “Cochita Art of Drum Making,” click on the link below.

 Definitely Going Back!

“Pamela was absolutely amazing. Very attentive and precise. I will definitely be going back and I feel great after leaving today. Thank you again, Pamela.”      ~Dominique R.

Dr. Pamela Denise Garrison,      

“Sun Star Goddess MA’AT” &                    “High Priestess Hathor”

Experiencial PhD., Dogon University

Metaphysician, Medical Intuitive, Metaphysical Surgeon, Metaphysical Plastic Surgeon

Metaphysician, IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach, CT LMT, Shaman~ Woman & Founder

Painter & Prophetess, Toni L. Taylor asked me to pose for “Virgo - Shaman Woman, Earth Mother” in 2001.  In 2019, after my client asked if I was a Shaman, I began to see the correlation between the evolution of my practice and what the painting foretold.  Ms. Taylor confirmed that her portraits are indeed, prophetic!

Speaking From Experience!

     “Pamela is amazing!  I loved her energy & she really helped my carpal tunnel.  I definitely recommend and will be back!!!”                               ~Victoria L.                                      

     “Sun Star Goddess MA’AT” &                      “High Priestess Hathor”

Medical Intuitive, IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach, LMT, Shaman~Woman, & Founder

“Virgo - Shaman~Woman, Earth Mother” & “Pachamama” appear compliments of ig: @StarchildArtbyToniTaylor

You Are in Good Hands!

"Early on in my sessions with Pamela Garrison, it became apparent to me that I was in the hands of someone who believes deeply in the magnetizing magic of honoring one’s big vision in service of not only oneself but also for  the benefit of many others.  Pamela Garrison’s coaching modeled for me how one can balance great self-confidence with humility – foundations for success and wellness on all levels. Her open-hearted attention, unyielding belief in me, prayerfulness and brilliance served not only to lead me further along the exciting and expanding path toward the fulfillment of my goals, but also to expand my vision for myself and the world community."                               ~T. Miller


Benefit from a Complementary Phone Consultation  Thursdays (11 am - 2 pm) office:  203-628-7966


In Service to Your Higher Self!

Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.  Matthew 6:10                                                                                        

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